One World

In July of 2009, Jesus became Lord and savior of my life and I was adopted into the family of God. Being a child of God has changed the way I see everything. The way I love, the way I think, the way I live were completely altered because of the spirit he breathed into me. I didn’t become perfect that  day but I became consumed by perfect love and that perfect love has been compelling me ever since.

In November of 2011, God changed my life again when I witnessed gang violence for the first time in Brownsville, Brooklyn. I was feet from open gun fire that killed a pregnant mother waiting for her children and scarred a six year old child who was shot in the face exiting school. The gang members were only a few years older than the children they had opened fire on. I remember standing on the stage of our Sidewalk Sunday School truck terrified, looking out on the faces of the children that lived there. In Brownsville, where gang violence like that was normal to them and thinking, this shouldn’t be normal. Not for anyone. I was reminded that day of how important it is for people to belong somewhere. These “kids” in that gang just wanted to be apart of a family. To feel cared for and protected.

But what could I do about it? I saw a huge problem that had no simple solution. But I had to do something. This day inspired the question that I live by today, “what are you going to do about it?” I shared in a previous post, titled with this question, how easy it is to criticize but how hard it is the actually do something to make a change in this world. I spent the following five years loving the children and families of Brooklyn while working for Metro world Child, the world’s largest Sunday School. I shared my testimony of being adopted into the family of God and how it change me and invited others to join his family.

My Husband David and I worked for Metro World Child in Brooklyn New York for several years together. This is how we met. We left big pieces of our hearts there. Last Sunday we got to share some testimonies from our time in Brooklyn along side the Founder, Pastor Bill Wilson. The ocean between us and where our hearts are shrank a little that day.

In the continual transition  of adapting to my new life here, I’m starting to let Switzerland feel more and more like home. Last Sunday I was reminded how wonderful it is to be apart of the family of God and the amazing opportunity we have to invite others to join us. To be fully and completely loved, and be a child of God.


For more information about Metro World Child and how you can get involved click here.

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