An Irish Blessing

Last night I wanted to go out with my husband and brothers in law for St. Patty’s day. I was pretty psyched about this as it would be my first night out in a month. Around 8:30 we looked outside and saw that it was super windy. Being that we live a ten minute bike ride from the Irish Pub I was not too thrilled about biking there in the wind. That topped with the fact that I was incredibly tired, I encouraged my husband to go with out me. We both ended up passing out at 9. So the only St.Patty’s day celebration I did yesterday was making green matcha frappuccinos at work, and personally matcha makes me gag a little.

Today was my first free day since I started working at the mermaid house. I enjoyed every moment of it. My husbands family came over for lunch and we ate Thai curry made by my wonderful chef of a husband, yumm. Then we played Scotland yard and I was Mister X. So much fun. I spent the afternoon relaxing before we headed to Tagerwillen to spend time with the 16+ youth group from the church.

David created an escape room for them. I was completely amazed by all the cool riddles and clues that he created for this event. He used black lights, morse code, three different types of locks, and maps of several countries were involved.

We ended the night with a camp fire in a teepee, tipi, or tepee, just learned there are three different ways to spell this. Anyway, in Switzerland they wrap pizza dough around sticks to create a sort of tube that you can fill with cheese or a sausage. It was somewhat tasty but very fun to cook. I roasted a marshmallow on a piece of straw and we sand some worship songs while David played guitar.

I have nothing super inspirational of my own to share today but inspired by St.Patty’s day and cooking bread on a stick in a teepee, tipi, tepee, I’ll leave you with this Irish Blessing we sang by the fire side tonight.

May you life in this world be a happy one,

May the sun be warm and may the skies be blue,

May each storm that comes your way

Clear the air for a brighter day

May the Lord our saviour watch over you.

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