Rest Easy

On Thursday nights David and I attend a bible study. I have really enjoyed this time of fellowship with other believes as David and I have yet to commit to a Sunday service. Each week we eat dinner together and share about what God has done in our lives in the past week. Then we discuss a topic or passage of scripture from the Bible that we have all read during the week. This week we are going to talk about finding rest in the storm. I have been reminded about how important it is to find moments throughout the day to just be still.

When I was sixteen and a new Christian I took my Bible with me everywhere. It was the book on the top of the stack I carried around all day at school and my purse purchase was always determined by whether or not my Bible would fit in it. I would often go to the park after school and spend time reading and praying and being still with the Lord. When I moved to Brooklyn in 2011 I could often be found in the park on Sunday’s and Monday’s praying and journaling. Late at night after a busy day, I would climb the escape ladder to the roof and just worship. Those times of rest refreshed me. Those times of rest gave me peace even in a storm.

Somewhere along the way it became less easy to be still. It became less of a priority to just spend time resting and not doing. Even in the times that I’ve had to rest I fill it with movies, TV series, and social media.

The past few days I have purposely taken time to escape the business of life and be still and secluded. But I had to do it on purpose. Meaning I had to stop myself from watching Gilmore Girls as soon as I got home. I had to stop myself from surfing social media and checking my blog views during my break at work. I had to remind myself to be still. I had to remind myself of the peace that overcomes me when I take a break from all the tasks, jobs, writing, and doing. I have to choose rest.

Everyone needs moments of rest in their daily life. But it’s not going to come easy. You have to make time for it. Along with every other thing you have to do, you need to rest.

Today, I’m refreshed in my time spent resting in Him.

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