Bells of a small town

This morning as I was biking to the train station at 9:55 I heard the bells ringing. You can hear them ring all across the small town I live in in Switzerland. They ring every 15 minutes. I remember the first time I visited my husband’s family here. It was summer and David took me all around his town. We hiked to the top of the hills, we biked out to lie in the grass by fields of sunflowers, and we took our shoes off and walked in the river. It was wonderful. Throughout those two weeks with no watch and no phone I always knew what time it was, because of the bells. The bells don’t only ring to tell the time. They also ring for a full ten minutes Sunday morning before church starts. They ring for 15 minutes before a wedding on Saturdays; they did this before our wedding. I love the sound of the bells, their confidence, and reliability. Yet, there are people who complain about the bells of the church. People who want them to stop. People who say they aren’t necessary.

This morning these bells sparked something in me. I have tried to start a blog for so long, but my reservations are still the same. Once I make my blog public anyone can read it. Anyone can judge my words or share it with friends. I’m so afraid of how people will react to my voice.

I want to be more like the bells of the church. They ring. They ring loud. They announce the time, the beginning of church services, and the beginning of a wedding. They don’t care if they are bothering people. They have something to say. They have joy to spread. They have a purpose.

I’m challenged today to not be afraid of what people will think. I’m challenged today to put myself out there and let my bells ring. I hope they will bring hope and joy to someone like the bells have for me.

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