Springing into life

It’s now my 13th day in a row working. My first free day after starting working at the mermaid house will be after twenty days none stop. I don’t know why I hadn’t anticipated this. Today, I was in a real rush to get to the train after having decided to take the last minute train to spend some more time with my husband this morning.

I miss the free time I had before. The phrase the grass is always greener on the other side is so true. When I had endless free time, I wanted something more to do. Now that I’m working for days on end, I’m longing for some free time. Especially now that spring is coming and there are somewhat warm and mostly sunny days looking at me from out of the window of the mermaid house. I would love to spend Saturday with my husband hanging out in the yard and BBQing. But I’m busy running this twenty day work marathon.

I can see things spring to life all around me and I’m feeling unable to join in. It would be easy to let this get me down. But I am choosing to enjoy biking to the train station and walking to the mermaid house. I will let it these times satisfy me until the day I can fully enjoy it.

I hope you can be satisfied in the small victories while waiting for the big events.


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