The beauty in the Mess

It’s crazy how fast my easy going Wednesday turned into an exhausting Thursday. Yesterday morning I woke up and backed my bag for nannying. I wore my comfy nanny clothes and had a backpack full of games and activities for the morning. I brought my laptop hoping to chill at the mermaid house in the afternoon, publish my new blog entree, and work on my book. Then having dinner with my husband in Konstanz. Ha, what a lovely plan it was.

I had a wonderful morning nannying. I watch a five year old boy, for the purpose of his and the families privacy I will call him in all future post, Benjy. He loves to play games and bake, which are my favorite things to do. Today we substituted bake time with dance time! It was unbelievably fun. Do you know the song, “what does the fox say?” If you don’t stop right now and YouTube it. Anyway, in the middle of my beautifully wonderful morning things took a turn for the, let’s say, different.

I got a text from my manager from the mermaid house, saying I could switch shifts on Friday. Which I had requested because the family needed me to nanny an extra afternoon. “Yes!” I thought, one more day I get to spend with Benjy. Then came the next message. But so and so called in sick, can you cover his shift? …tonight. And I won’t get home until after midnight.

I was so grateful for the change of shift Friday and wanting to stay on the good side of my new boss I said, yes. So this left me 2 hours of chill time between nannying and Baristaing. So, I thought. Then a few minutes later I got a message from Benjy’s mom. “Things are crazy here, could you stay till 1:30?” Ok, now I have an hour to get to the mermaid house but I will get to eat lunch for free so it’s still fine. Not 5 minutes later I realized, “I don’t have my work clothes or the right shoes for Baristaing.” So, I have one hour to get to the mermaid house and find something to wear.

It’s crazy how in 5 minutes my plan for the day got real messy. It would have been easy to stress and even be frustrated about all this. It would have been easy to say no to my boss, or tell the mom that I couldn’t stay longer. But I would have missed the what does the fox say dance party. I would have missed seeing the smiling faces of people as they enjoyed the coffee I prepared. I would have missed the little moments that made this chaotic day so wonderful.

Don’t let stress or frustration or change cloud you’re vision. Don’t miss the beauty of the mess you’re in.

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