The Book

This is not “my’ book, in the sense that this is not the book I talked about writing in ‘becoming a book worm.’ However this is a book I’ve read only one time in it’s entirety, but have ready chapters on repeat over the past 8 years.

It’s the most read, most sold, most gifted, most translated, most quoted, most studied, most controversial, most wonderful book in the world. If any book would have the authority to be called THE Book, it would be this one. The Book I’m referring to, the Bible.

When I was sixteen, I attended a church camp for a week. I had a similar attitude to many who have never experienced the power of the author of The Book. I was critical, doubtful, and entered the camp thinking, I dare you to prove me wrong. Be careful when you make this kind of statement to the God of the universe. Because he will prove you wrong, and then He’ll change you’re life. No turning back.

The first day of this camp there was a morning devotional, honestly I couldn’t tell you what it was about, but after that we had “quiet time.” This meant 30 minutes just me and The Book. I read the passage the camp leader had assigned in just a few minutes, memorized the designated verse, this was going to give my team points and I have always been competitive.  Then there was still 25 minutes. Ok. Now what?

I went to the beginning of The Book and started reading about creation and then the first people on Earth. Could the world really be created in just 7 days? Where these 7 days like we know today or were they longer? How could people live to be hundreds of years old?958? No one seriously believes that, right?

I came back to the group will all of these questions. I wanted to know if this God was real. I wanted to know if I could believe this stuff. On the last day of this camp I honestly had more questions than answers, but somehow I was more convinced of the life, existence, and Lordship of Jesus Christ than before.

I saw Jesus in the people around me at that camp and then felt his presence during a worship evening. Deciding to follow Jesus and become a Christian changed my whole life. It changed my perspective on everything. Not all at once. But in stages. Living for Him makes me feel alive. Living for Him makes me love people more. Living for him helps me see the beauty in the mundane. Living for Him makes me thrive!

I’ve challenged myself this year to read The Book again. Cover to cover. In six months.

The Book can be confusing. It can be hard to believe there is a God and he is the God The Book talks about. I want to challenge you to give God a shot to show you His power. Open The Book and start asking questions. Get to know people who know the author of The Book. Give Jesus the chance to make you thrive!

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