Becoming a Bookworm

I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time. When I was in high school my life was full of drama and a friend of mine said, “someone should make a TV show based on your life!” Well I’m glad that never happened. But it did spark an idea in my mind. I should write a book and base it off of personal experiences. Now this idea has warped into something else entirely. Pinterest has been my best friend while researching “how to write a novel.” So now I feel like I have an idea of how to write a book and I have a great book idea, now what?

I would love to share the specifics, but this is the internet in 2017 and someone could steal my million dollar idea. The point is how do we turn ideas into realities? How can we move past a great idea into a wonderful reality?

Friends of mine co-wrote a best selling trilogy and I was asking one of them, “how long did it take you to write your books?” His response was just a bit daunting. He said, “six years…for the first one.” Six years? Woah. Ok. So this great book idea I have could take six years to finish and then finally publish? I was thinking more along the lines of six months. That’s the problem with our mind set sometimes. We want awesome now. Right now. At least I do.

I’ve had to grasp the concept that great things take time. Not to be too clichey but its true. If you want to make your dream a reality, it’s going to take a whole lot of work, and yes some time.

I’ve challenged myself to do two things amongst my crazy work schedule. Well more than two things, but at least two things are relevant to this post. One, blog everyday. Two, work on my book for an hour five days a week.

What do you need to do everyday to make your dream a reality? Now go do it. 

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