Never forget that THIS is the ONLY TODAY you will ever have

May I never forget that THIS is the ONLY TODAY I will every have. 

This was the caption of an Instagram post of mine May 2015.

There’s been many days since then that I have forgotten. Many days where I was just surviving the mundane moments of life. The time spent waiting for a day off, to be home for dinner, to go on vacation, to move, to start “the next adventure,” I missed out on the beauty of the day to day. I was simply surviving and not thriving.

September of 2015 I got engaged. It was special, everything I imagined it would be and more. That moment started a series of questions. Where will we get married, live? What will we do with our lives together? How do we fit two lives and ambitions into one place and time? My, now, husband, David, is Swiss. In Switzerland all males must do a year of Army or Civil Service, or pay large fees, or flee the country, as David had when he turned 20, he didn’t really flee but you get the picture. Long story short, we ended up deciding to move to Switzerland, but only for a year. This only for a year thing has proved to be more difficult than expected. It’s hard to dig down roots when you have this cloud hanging over your head saying, “it’s not worth it, because this is all temporary.”

The truth is this life is all temporary. Life is constantly changing and we have to chose to embrace it. We must embrace every temporary moment because this is exactly the point. There will never be another day like today. There will never be another moment the same as the one you have right now. If you don’t embrace it, you’ll waste it.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve wasted many days with the attitude of “this is temporary.” In the past year friends, family, and strangers have told me, “you’re so brave to make this move, to learn a new culture and language, and be so far from home.” But I haven’t felt brave. In the past 6 months my life has mostly consisted of Netflix and chill. Which is fine for a Saturday, or maybe even a week of vacation, but not for months on end. It was killing me slowly. I have a part-time job as a nanny which I am extremely thankful for because it’s kept me sane. I had days that I felt alive but mostly I just wasted the time.

I had to wake up and change my perspective!

We are not alive to merely to survive, we are alive to thrive.

For the past month this has been my renewed mentality. How can I make this time count? How can I truly thrive? I’ve tried creating a board game, writing a book, and this is the third blog I’ve started, I hope this one will stick. Beyond that I started looking for a second job. And I found one, I’ll share more about the interview experience in a future post. I now work at, what I will call “the mermaid house.” It’s a worldwide coffee shop that I’m sure all of you have heard of. I started just three days ago, and I’m in my thriving element!

All this to say, are you thriving or just surviving?

If you’re merely surviving in your current circumstances, I want to challenge you to change your perspective and begin to thrive!

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